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 Paying for legal fees
Your Legal Costs


Conference between 9AM and 5PM Monday to Friday are $400.00 for up to one hour. Conferences at other times are $450.00.  How to book a conference.

Pleading Guilty

The cost will vary depending on whether or not your licence is at risk, or whether you are at risk of jail, or you are in breach of a Community Corrections Order. The range is $1,100 for the simplest of cases, and over $2,200 for more complicated cases, including the initial conference fee.


Defending charges

In the months prior to a contested hearing date there are always preliminary steps which require court appearances. This work usually costs between $750 to $1,600.

Preparing for the contested hearing all the research and preparation, dealing with the prosecutors, the court and the client etc which done prior to the contest   tends to cost about $1,100. The contested hearing day itself typically costs between $3,000 and $4,000 depending on the type and number of charges that are being defended. Please read about the court process to understand the different types of court attendances that are required. Defending a charge takes many months and requires a minimum of 2 appearances at court, and usually it requires between 3 and 6 appearances. 

The total cost of fighting a charge all the way to verdict is usually in the range $5,000.00 to $7,000.00. The more complicated and demanding a case is the more it is going to cost. Resolving a case at a contest mention (prior to a contested hearing being allocated) can cost from $2,500 to $4,500 depending on what is involved.
The expected costs of your case can be ascertained and discussed at the initial conference.

In many cases, if you are successful in your defence, the court can order that the prosecution pay all or some of your legal costs.

Typical Legal Costs

Examples of legal costs you might incur are:

  1. $400 for a one hour conference and advice (at this point you will find out if there is a reasonable chance of successfully defending the charges, what strategy will work best, and look at what alternatives are available), or
  2. About $1,900 for conference and advice, plus appearance at court for the Summary Case Conference to negotiate a resolution to the case, then presenting a plea of guilty in mitigation of penalty if the case resolves, 
  3. About $5,800 for conference and advice, plus appearance at court for the Summary Case Conference, plus appearance at court to defend the charges at a hearing, including all preparation as well as presenting a plea in mitigation if any charges are found proved, and including lodging an appeal and seeking permission to drive pending appeal if the appeal is filed on the same date as the sentence was imposed.

Extra expenses

Extra costs can occur if your case involves:

  • unusual adjournments
  • expert witness reports
  • lengthy legal research and written submissions
  • dealing with multiple charges laid by multiple informants
  • travel and accommodation
  • subpoenas or affidavits
  • written memorandum of advice
  • interlocutory applications
  • recovery of legal costs from the prosecution
  • attendance at police stations
  • transcription of tape recordings
  • excessive photocopying, photography, printing or courier costs
The above fees are for a barrister representing you in court, not a solicitor. Legal costs do not include witness expenses if you are engaging expert witnesses to give evidence or advice in your case.

Payment Options

All legal fees must be paid by credit card, cash or bank transfer as each step in the proceeding is completed.





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