VicPol Falcon Divisional Van late 90s

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VicPol Falcon Divisional Van late 90s

Postby Bobman » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:11 pm

Can't seem to PM the relevant users, so hope this slightly OT thread reaches the members here who might be able to assist.

Currently restoring an XH Falcon OPT20 (ex Malvern 1998) van. I know a few guys on AusPol and UHTR might be here too and worked with these vans, so here goes:

1) How was the prisoner compartment set-up from the cabin? I know the earlier ones had a metal sheet and a small window with reinforcing bars with a small light above. Anyone have photos of the Falcon XD/E/G/H type?

2) What kind of seat for the client and where in the rear was it located?

3) Anything else in the rear besides the above? Like where were witches hats etc stored?

4) What kind of console was located between the bucket seats? Some type of box or similar? I know the siren controls were dash-mounted.

5) Any photos most welcome from this era, even of the XG type. I believe the XH van was used 1996-2001 and they were far & few between by the late 90s. Keen to hear stories or any other comments.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: VicPol Falcon Divisional Van late 90s

Postby benny » Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:27 am

i can help here to some degree.

the prisoner section had 2x smooth metal stainless steel seats the entire length of the back on either side, i know this coz i was sliding up and down in there when the brakes and accelerator were applied.

they had small barred windows.

that's all i remember then i was stripped searched (up to my jocks) at elwood cop shop by sheilas, noice!

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