Eastlink's new website

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Eastlink's new website

Postby car_100 » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:52 am

Hi, after looking for ways to make any type or complaint or review of Eastlink, it seems this forum might help it getting heard. I've never had any problem using Breeze website, logging in, topping up with a credit card, before driving. Now it has been unnecessarily updated and won't login using any of the advice - use emails, use licence plate number, clear browsing cache, etc. Looking to report and get the issue fixed there's no email feedback (except for media), there's only a phone number and business hours. I've been through this with tolls and I don't want build up of fines and charges that may become a credit problem or anything. Should Eastlink be forced to make a usable website? Their old one worked just fine. Buy a generic website or go back to the old one, maybe.

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