Pedestrian Rules

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Pedestrian Rules

Postby Buri » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:51 pm

Hi all, what are the pedestrian rules in Victoria about standing or walking on the road etc, but not crossing.

I have read the roads rules about crossing, walking along a road and selling on a road, but what about say going up to the drivers side window to talk to the driver while the car is stopped on the road or in a parking spot, thus walking on the road?

What about people playing cricket etc on a road, or someone just standing there alone on the road eg walking to the middle of the road stopping there for a bit then walking back to the same side (not crossing).

A friend told me this was illegal to do this and only police can! (He was mainly talking about to the driver circumstance above but said all of it was illegal) I found this odd so looked it up.

The only thing I can find in the road rules is a pedestrian causing an obstruction rule 236, but that seems more about moving into the path of a car, or unreasonably causing an obstruction to a driver. Would the above be classed as obstructing the path of a driver, or unreasonablly obstruct the path of a driver, If you are already there and there is room to go around you or you move out the way of an approaching car.

What about if there are no cars present? No offence I would guess?

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