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Drink drive, drug drive, speeding, driving whilst suspended etc...


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I have enclosed the original charge & summons, witness statements, any initial infringement notices, and all relevant papers.

I have enclosed a short description of the offence stating how I was intercepted and what happened after interception.

I enclose a copy of a certificate of analysis showing my BAC reading.

My licence was immediately suspended. I enclose a copy of the s.51 Notice of Suspension.

I have enclosed a cheque or money order for $180.00 (made payable to Sean Hardy)

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Terms and Conditions

All legal work is performed by Sean P. Hardy. Within seven days of sending this form you will be contacted by phone or email and advised whether you might have an arguable defence. I require original papers in order to check whether they are valid or defective. I will give my opinion of the likelihood of success in defending the charges (i.e. whether your chances are very good, about even, or poor) based only on the information you provide. The total cost to you of this legal work is $180.00. This form is to intended to help you to obtain simple and quick advice as to whether your case has any apparent defence that may be worth pursuing. This process is not as thorough as having a lawyer speak to you in person and investigate broader aspects of your case. If you desire more than a brief review of your papers and circumstances, you need to make an appointment to see a lawyer so that your case can be thoroughly investigated. If I need to seek further information from the courts or the police, you may be asked to pay a further fee of not more than $300.00 per hour. I will estimate the likely cost of defending the charges. By sending this form you agree that my direct access costs agreement and the Victorian Bar's direct access rules apply you and me regarding this legal work. If you can not download the linked agreement please call and ask for a copy to be sent to you. To pay by direct debit call 03 9225 8062 and ask for our bank details. You are welcome to make an appointment to have a conference with Sean Hardy. A regular conference costs $300.00 and takes about an hour. If you request further legal work another direct access agreement will be required. If you do not require any further legal work all your documents will be returned by mail to the address stated in the summons or any other mailing address you provide. If you have an on-the-spot-fine, you need to object to the infringement to receive a charge and summons before sending this form. If you have a legal problem but have not been charged with any offence your should email or call me rather than use this form.


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