Red light photo accuracy.

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Red light photo accuracy.

Postby dre » Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:21 pm


Referring to this article:

I have a question about the section mentioning how a photo should look:
When the system is working properly, the first photo will always show the rear of the offending vehicle about 1m past the inductive loop, and will always show the traffic lights are red.

I received a red light fine that has refers to a photo that I believe misrepresents my case. Whilst I am aware that the camera should not take a photo if a vehicle is partially over the stop line before the light changes to red, I can't see any other fitting explanation. I'm trying to find evidence to explain the difference between my recollection and the information I am seeing.

What I do know is:
1. That my photo has been taken 1.9s after the light went red and that I had been at a standstill at a green traffic arrow because a car three vehicles ahead of me stopped mid intersection, for at least 5 seconds, with no visible obstruction blocking it.
2. That the first photo has my rear tire just beginning to touch the stop line.

I've seen many articles saying that the traffic lights cannot take a photo if a vehicle is partially over the inductive loop, but both my wife (the passenger) and I are sure of our recollections. Is there any way to spot an error? Does the fact that there isn't anywhere near 1m between the stop line and my rear wheel mean something?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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Re: Red light photo accuracy.

Postby Hardy » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:24 pm

The stop line is almost irrelevant. All it does is help me guess how far away from the inductive loop your car might have been. The information on the fine tells me that you vehicle entered the intersection 1.9s after the light turned red. Regardless whether you think you are guilty or innocent, if you want to win, then take it to court. And if you really want to win then save up a few thousand for a lawyer. I have won many cases like this. Although it is possible you might be able to win it without a lawyer simply by denying you drove into the intersection against a red I don't like the chances of that working for you. Although you say you were at a standstill for 5 seconds that is not inconsistent with you entering the intersection 1.9s after the light turned red. Indeed, it is very often the case that someone who is at a standstill waiting to make the right turn because some nincompoop ahead has hesitated and stopped them from proceeding into the intersection will nevertheless drive through in a fit of indignation after the light turns yellow - as if it was their entitlement to make the turn during that light sequence. I see it all the time. So I am not convinced at all that you entered the intersection on a green or yellow light. But that won't stop me winning it for you....

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