Yellow light infringement

Yellow Lights
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Yellow light infringement

Postby SammyC » Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:41 pm

So my mother was Approaching an intersection when the light turned yellow. She deemed it to late to stop so she continued through the intersection.
A lady turning right across the intersection crashed into her. There is a witness claiming mum went through an actual red light, however, there is a red light camera on the intersection which didn't go off.
So the police officer has fined both my mother and the lady who crashed into her for running a yellow light.
My question is if my mother claims she did go through the yellow light as it was to quick to stop and the other lady and her witness claim she went through a red light although the camera contradicts that. Is the police office just having a guess?

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Re: Yellow light infringement

Postby Hardy » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:03 pm

The other driver and the crash is irrelevant in this instance.
The only thing that matters is whether or not your mum went through a yellow light unlawfully.
The police are relying on a witness who says she did. So I guess it is up to a magistrate to decide if you want to take it to court. If she is not about to lose her licence from demerit points she will probably regret taking it to court - even if she wins.
The other thing is the red light cameras don't always issue infringements when someone runs a red light. So the absence of a red light camera fine is not determinative.

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