Laser Speeding fine- last of 3 cars were speeding mine only

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Laser Speeding fine- last of 3 cars were speeding mine only

Postby SAG » Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:01 am

My query is that I was traveling through Mansfield township through what I now realize is a local road i.e. a 50 km zone ( I didn't turn left and go through to the main street) and was following 2 other cars. All 3 cars were pulled over mine being the third with a white wagon in front of me and a black SUV in front of it. I was detected with a laser(LIDAR) by a traffic highway patrol officer who showed me I was doing 72 km in the 50 zone. Said I was gaining on the others when detected but I recall just flowing with the traffic being just 2 car lengths away from other car. I feel he picked me out as I was going the fastest but I know all 3 cars were above the 50 km speed as the cars in front never braked to slow to the zone speed. My query should the officer booked the other cars which all were pulled over but then he waved them on and he says the laser accuracy was not able to be affected by the cars in front of me. Issue is the 3 demerit points takes me to the 12 points limit and I need my car to get across town where I work 35 km from home.
Have I any objections I can make. I dont recall licence plate numbers but have 3 witnesses with me in the car .

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Re: Laser Speeding fine- last of 3 cars were speeding mine o

Postby Hardy » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:52 pm

So you need the speed to be dropped to 59kmh in a 50 zone to get any improvement, or to win outright.
Either way, taking it to court is the only way to achieve either of those outcomes.
The fact that there were 3 cars on the road doesn't really change anything. The question remains whether the police used the laser to measure the speed of your vehicle.

Your other option is to pay the fine and get 3 points, or get legal advice about your full demerit points history.

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