Vic Roads Catch 22

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Vic Roads Catch 22

Postby allde » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:38 pm

So my Nephew lost his licence, he has been without for 2 years, he was told that he had to do some course before he got his licence back,
so he rings the people that run the course as requested, there is no mention of his name on the records stating that he has to do the course.
Next he goes to court to get the go ahead to get his licence back, the judge approves it, off to Vic Roads with the court order, no we can't give him his licence back because he hasn't done the course (Vic Roads States).
Even though they can't fined his name in the records stating that he must do the course.
Well I have a court order stating that I can now get my licence back, no sorry we can't give it to you because the court order doesn't state that you aren't required to do the course, go back to the judge and get it changed.
He went back to the judge, had the court order amended, it now states not required to do the course.
Back to Vic Roads with new Court order stating that he doesn't have to do this course, sorry we can't give him his licence back because he hasn't done the course, ok what gives this is one big F"%k up.

And since when can Vic Roads overrule a court order?

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Re: Vic Roads Catch 22

Postby Hardy » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:54 pm

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