What is the process after suspended license penalty expires?

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What is the process after suspended license penalty expires?

Postby kornchief313 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi there and thank you in advanced for your assistance!

I have been suspended for speeding 35km over the speed limit and received a 6 month suspension of my license from the VIC courts.

After the court hearing, I was handed some paperwork that informed me that I was required to hand my license into any VICROADS office.

I immediately went to VICROADS and handed in my license as instructed by the court.

Unfortunately I cannot find any information on what the process is now to get my license back.

After the 6 months has expired, can I just go down to VICROADS and ask for my license back?

Do I have to go back to court to lift the suspension or will it automatically be lifted when the time expires?

I was suspended from driving on May 16th. Does that mean that on Nov 16th I can immediately drive after visiting VICROADS and getting the license permit receipt that is valid for driving until the card is posted out, or do I have to wait until Nov 17th (one day after) before the suspension is lifted?

So many questions and so many variables that are not explained, so I am hoping this post will help those with the same questions!


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