Can a Vic Learner tow trailer in SA??

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Can a Vic Learner tow trailer in SA??

Postby BlueSkiesAhead » Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:29 pm

Hi All - A quick question for you

Our family will be going on an extended trip around Australia soon and will be towing a single axle caravan.

My eldest son will have his Victorian Learners permit and we thought he could clock up some hours driving when we base ourselves somewhere and are not towing the caravan.

However, I have just discovered that in SA their laws are different and a learner driver can tow a single trailer on a learner's permit license.

We we are in SA, is my son allowed to tow our caravan on his Victorian learner's permit??

Thank you

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Re: Can a Vic Learner tow trailer in SA??

Postby Gravy » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:41 pm

This might be helpful:
Note that a learner is restricted to 100km/h in SA.

Also, you can't drive above 100km/h if you're towing anything in WA. I wasn't aware of that one until I went through Border Village - thankfully there are clear signs.

Learner rules:
Click on the second tab "L-rules" within that page. There's no mention of towing. There's also no mention of learners or probationary drivers on the towing page.

I'll be damned if I can find the actual legislation. The SA gov's websites are a rabbit warren!

Whether it's legal or not, I'd be having a serious think about letting a learner tow a caravan. Caravans can be a real handful for experienced drivers, let alone newly minted learners. There's certainly merit in teaching how to drive with a trailer and I applaud you for thinking about it, however I'd suggest that you'd be better off starting with something smaller, lighter and possibly dual axle. It only takes a truck going the other way to really unsettle a caravan, particular a single axle, and the last thing a learner needs is a big, unsettled pendulum to contend with.

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Re: Can a Vic Learner tow trailer in SA??

Postby Hardy » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:31 pm

A Victorian learners permit allows you to do everything that a South Australian learner could do in South Australia. So you could consider it the same as if it was a SA learners permit (even though it obviously is not). So if a SA learner was allowed to drive with a 0.05% BAC for example - then so too could a victorian learner when driving in SA.

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