Tolls toll free

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Tolls toll free

Postby allde » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:34 am

What does Sean think of this Guys methods? ... 242592959/

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Re: Tolls toll free

Postby Hardy » Sun Aug 23, 2020 2:03 pm

It's all garbage. I have many dozens of clients in Melbourne who drive on the tollway every day and don't pay a cent and some of them believe the same sort of nonsense this guy does.
But eventually these drivers ring me for help because the sheriff has towed away their motor vehicles and arrested them on outstanding warrants to pay tens of thousands – sometimes hundreds of thousands – of dollars. Those legal theories are not worth a pinch of possum poo in court. It's the same legal garbage that Mike Palmer was selling in his Speeding Fines book - like saying councils don't exist and you need a written contract before you can agree to commit a crime. The more people that follow his ideas the more clients I will get. It's like this - there does not need to be any sign up at a train station to say you commit an offence if you get on the train without a ticket. People don't defend those charges by telling the court "But I didn't see any sign telling me it was a crime to ride the train without paying". Same goes for tollways. Everyone is deemed to know the law, including the law that makes it an offence to drive a vehicle on a tollway without complying with the conditions that are all set out in legislation.

This is what happens to people like that:

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