Licence Transfer

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Licence Transfer

Postby tango321 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:43 pm

Hey all,

Not sure if you can help but after some info.

I was on the last couple of months of my P2s last year and got nabbed while overtaking at 140 (I know big mistake dangerous etc etc was a new car I wasn't used to and ended up way quicker than intended).

That was a first offence and copped a 6 demerit + 12month suspension. When reinstated recently I was moved to golden point and PS extended for 6months + 3remaining.

I live 50% in Vic and 50% in NSW with work/family. Considering I've held my Vic licence for the over 3 years NSW apparently issues you with an unrestricted if I transfer there.

Does anyone know if my suspension and 1 demerit point will effect me transfering to fulls in NSW?

Thanks :)

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