No congestion tax for Melbourne... Few hypotheticals

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No congestion tax for Melbourne... Few hypotheticals

Postby Leroy » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:46 am

What framework would will the government base the charge on? like charging to access a national park? like charging to access a privately leased/owned road? How do you start charging for something that's a public space?

While it's a expeditious solution, is it 'just'? (knowing that the law and justice are not the same thing...). What's the potential for throughfare type access claims?

Are members of the forum disappointed that the plethora of new congestion offences (which Dan the man has already shot down) won't be expanding the market of this forum?

Would people reasonably expect the cash from the congestion charge, and associated fines, to go into public transport? Do people know where it's gone in other jurisdictions?

Does anyone expect that this'll precipitate a universal e-tag requirement, or maybe a bar-code licence plate, across Oz (which might work given that we're an island...)

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Re: No congestion tax for Melbourne... Few hypotheticals

Postby Hardy » Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:49 am

Road tolls have been around since prior to the Roman Empire. It is really very simple to do, and even easier these days when you can use technology instead of an armed legion to enforce the toll collection.

All we need to do is put up a gantry on each road entering the CBD and record the number plate of every vehicle passing, then send the registered operator a monthly bill. The cost of travel can vary depending on the level of congestion or time of day etc. If the bill is not paid by the time registration renewal is due, then the vehicle becomes unregistered and non-transferable. So the registration renewal cost should include the cost of all outstanding tolls.

Whether it is just or ethical is ultimately one for the politicians, but how is it any less just or ethical than any of the other methods the state uses to raise revenue? Motorists on the CBD streets are occupying public space with their private vehicles. One way to free up that space for better public use is to tax those people who are occupying it. I cross the CBD a lot, so maybe I should be opposed to a congestion tax. But if it makes my journey across the city 5 minutes quicker, less infuriating and less polluting by reducing or removing congestion, then maybe I should be in favour of it.

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Re: No congestion tax for Melbourne... Few hypotheticals

Postby Leroy » Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:57 pm

I take the train / ride depending.

I suppose ultimately we're all born without a steering wheel in our hands so perhaps I'm on my high horse about the ethics of charging to occupy space on a road the government installs/maintains.

Be interesting to see how all this pans out, I'd certainly be up for a less trafficked city.

Love to see some better park and rides in the 'burbs, been seeing so much street parking get controlled lately, and station parking is for the early birds only at the moment!

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