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Lose the name

Postby Hardy » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:02 pm

I was in Heidelberg Court this morning and a couple were there on bail. They denied their identity and tried to claim they should be released because the bail notice was not a valid contract, and they arrested a person who doesn't exist et etc.

The woman managed to get herself arrested and bailed under the name '"Without Prejudice La Femme"
https://dailylists.magistratesvic.com.a ... D=88116228
Even though her real name is Christine Joy Carter:
https://dailylists.magistratesvic.com.a ... D=88146460

The man denied his identity and claimed he appeared as trustee of the estate of the accused, and then produced medicare cards and centrelink letters in his made-up strawman's name (something like "a being in Man" or similar). He continually talked over the Magistrate and the prosecutor and seemed to achieve absolutely nothing for all his dicking around. At contest mention he intends to request a trial by jury, so if any of you are lucky enough to be picked for jury duty in 2017 you might be in for an entertaining trial.

The magistrate considered remanding them in custody until their contest mention date, but eventually they were bailed to the next date. They insisted on entering no plea and seemed to get upset when the court entered a plea of not guilty on their behalf. The woman claimed she was not a person, had no ID, was not a citizen, had no address, no income, no assets and eats where ever she can find food! She did concede she was a human.

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Re: Lose the name

Postby BN2 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:36 am


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