Speeding fine - paperwork accuracy question

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Speeding fine - paperwork accuracy question

Postby timfishy » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I received a hand written speeding fine in the mail after being stopped by an undercover car. I believe they decided to send it in the mail as we were in the right hand emergency stopping lane on a busy freeway and I was respectful and compliant. The emergency lane was very generous however.

Anyways, the question I have is about the infringement notice accuracy and at what point is it subject to challenge.

With my fine, the only 2 errors are the underline between the choice of "Motor Vehicle / Trailer Registration No.", the officer has underlined "Trailer". The second error was the "Type" of vehicle which is listed as "Honda Solo".

In this case I believe they would have footage of my behaviour on the road and it wouldn't look good at all as I came past them and they 'let me go' before I got upset about a car failing to keep left in the far right lane on a highway and lane split to get past them at 124 (according to them). The Act/Reg no. of the infringement offence alleged is RR2C and the "Information about the offence" is T/E MM2". An Acting Sergeant issue the offence. The officer asked for the licence and I provided it without comment. He then asked if I had a reason for speeding and I said exactly "No, just trying to get to work".

I got a similar fine from a fixed highway speed camera near Boundary Road dated about a month ago.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Speeding fine - paperwork accuracy question

Postby Hardy » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:03 am

He didn't underline trailer. He crossed it out but the carbon was not perfectly aligned so on your copy it looks like an underline instead of a strike-through.

He didn't mean Honda Solo, he meant Honda solo.

Anyway, read http://trafficlaw.coma.u/fines.html#defect
It never the things he writes on the ticket that matters. It is always the things he fails to write.

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